About Us

In 2008 Green Country set out to be the standard in lawn care. Led by the founder Jamie Ramsey who is an absolute outdoors enthusiast. From fishing, golfing, and business he has always been in the elements. After years of working in the industry and finishing college Jamie decided to apply his love and knowledge of the outdoors to start Green Country Lawn & Landscape. Starting with just a walk behind mower, and the typical handheld equipment he grew mainly by word-of-mouth with the idea that he would one day build a business to be highly successful. Since then he has continuously reshaped the business model to meet customers needs.

After many years of competing and growing amongst a highly competitive market, we at Green Country have stayed true to our roots of being an honest, hard-working service. Even with having an excellent reputation built around Green Country, this was not enough to stop us from finding our niche that would set us apart from everybody else. With the many years of experience and growing knowledge we were highly receptive to the concerns of our customers both existing and new coming. We were quick to learn that in order to construct the business around our cornerstone of quality we would in fact have to establish Green Country as a brand. In 2014 we did just that.

Among working and playing we also involve ourselves in the communities we live and work. From giving to local charities, to volunteering our time and service in such things as snow care for troops and lawn care for troops, as well as school functions and sporting events.